Robot tentacle — part three

Pool noodle was a big success!

The mobility here is pretty impressive, and the size is cool too. I did some retroactive documentation, so spoiler alert: the next version is the green tentacle to the side.


The rings you see around the pool noodle are laser cut, 1/4″ plywood. I cut the rings to accept the paracord lines and ‘pressure fit’ on the pool noodle. They stay in place nicely, and plywood is very lightweight.

What doesn’t work is how heavy it is to lift, and the unpredictability of it. It also seems very prone to ‘collapse’ when you pull on a paracord line, as opposed to continuing in the intended direction.

It was a powerful proof of concept though, and provided significant motivation for the idea having some good ground to stand on. It just needed to be refined.


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