A proper end (for now) to the tentacle

It’s been many months since the tentacle project has ended, and I’ve neglected to post anything about it here.

Partially it’s because of a somewhat traumatic end to the project, which involved stolen hardware, a re-wiring of hardware the night before, and a subsequent electrical short, all the day before the ‘big expo’.

We did get it back to working (partially) for the expo. and it remains one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done–in art or tech. I credit it with my present interest in robotics. I learned a ton, and really got to express some out of the box thinking and creativity with it.

Anyways, here is it’s last, best and most glorious moment–a team member using the Myo band to control it, and with an added ‘grabber’ at the end. When the user grasps with his hand, the Myo band senses the myoelectric energy in the arm. This results in the grasp you see.


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